New blog

Hey Ya'll!

Wow! I can't believe it's been over a year since I posted last! :/

 I have decided to start blogging regularly again, but since I have had this blog for so long, I just decided to start over completely. The address for my new blog is here:) I hope you will stop by and leave me a comment! :)

Hope you all have a very blessed New Year!



London Olympics 2012

The Opening Ceremonies are starting any minute!!!  I am so excited!

I'll post more later.......

P.s. I got the pictures from google images. :o) 


July 4th 2012

My cousins came down 2 weeks ago to my Grandparents house. We met them there a couple days after they got there, my family was going to come down on 4th of July but we surprised everyone (except for Lydia) by coming late the night before. It was so fun to see there faces!! We had a wonderful time the next day with them, and our other cousins came for the day (the 4 oldest and my aunt came too!) We had a great time, but it definitely felt like there was a whole with out my Grandma. She was really the life of the party. :) She had got 4th of July decorations last year and we used it all! :) It was also sad because that was probably the last visit with us all there at that house (we are all extremely sentimental :)) We left the following Saturday, we had a blast and took a ton of pictures. It will probably take another post to get them even the good ones!
The boys 4th of July morning

Abigail hanging up the lights, her and I were assigned decorators. She did most of the decorating though, and did a great job!