Christmas Post

The day before Christmas eve we were getting ready to head down to my dad's parents house to spend Christmas. Momma and I went to take a few things back to Charming Charlie's :) and then we met my Dad and Clayton at a restaurant. When we got there my Dad told us that my Grandpa (mom's dad) fell when he was working on the pool in their backyard. He crawled though the yard and up the stairs to the back porch. My Grandpa has always taken care of my Grandma because she has a lot of health problems for about 5 years. Luckily their cleaning lady was there to get him inside and helped him sit down because my Grandma couldn't. She took him to the ER and they were told  it was broken. My aunt and uncle and cousins had just left that morning and by the time we called they were already over halfway home. Anyway, his hip was broken and the town they live in in small so they sent him in an ambulance to the big town 30 minutes away. We ended up getting to the hospital before he did, so we were thereto greet him. :) We went to my Grandma's house that night and the next morning he had a partial hip replacement. Clayton, Daddy, and I went to m other Grandparents house to visit with them and our cousins and open presents. Momma took my Grandma to the hospital after her dialysis. We came back to the hospital that evening. We had Christmas Eve diner in the cafeteria with my cousin Mariah (almost 9), Grandma, Aunt Marcy, Uncle Mark, Momma, Daddy, and Clayton. =)  We stayed at my Grandma's house for a couple of nights then we went home for a night to get more clothes then we back down the next day.

Now, almost 4 weeks after the surgery,  he is back at the hospital in their town and is in rehab trying to get stronger so he can go home. He had a really hard time in the other hospital, muscle spasums, couldn't keep food down, etc. He is doing MUCH better now though. Please keep praying. And I will keep everyone posted. :)


  1. Hi Carrington!
    I am sorry about your grandfather.
    I will definatly pray for him.
    I hope he gets better soon!

  2. @Jasmine-
    Thank you! Hope you all are doing well. =)


  3. Carrington, your writing is so good! You do a really good job with your blog!
    Aunt Kellie


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